Download peachtree accounting software full version

download peachtree accounting software full version

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  • This manual is not intended to completely cover all aspects of the Peachtree Accounting Program, but to provide an introduction to the software.

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    To make a backup of your company, select Backup on the Company pane. Select the option to include the company name as part of the backup file name. After you click Softwaer Up, the Save Backup window opens. Select the computer drive and location where you want to save your backup.

    The 10 Best Accounting Software of | The Blueprint

    Click Save to create the backup. A message will appear, indicating the amount of space needed for the backup file. Click OK to continue. The extension for the backup will be PTB. To restore a backup in Peachtree, you will want to first create a folder, as there are several files that will be created when you restore. Select the Restore option on the Company pane.


    Click Browse to choose the location of your backup. In the next window, if you are NOT replacing an existing file, you will choose the option New Company. Click Next. Verify the information is correct, and click on Finish. Create a new folder on your desktop labeled Stone Arbor Page 3 of 29 2 2. Open Peachtree. Choose to open Stone Arbor Construction. When you're finished entering information, select the Next button.

    Depending on which version of Peachtree you are using your Page 4 of 29 3 selections will vary. You can modify the accounts later, according to your needs. For more information, click. The version you have will not convert the version of QuickBooks on your computer. This option is only recommended for experienced users who are comfortable setting up accounting information. For users coming from a paper ledger, we recommend that they select a business type see above that most closely matches their existing chart of accounts and then modify it as they have need.

    If you select this option, make sure you set up your chart of accounts prior to setting up any other part of the company. This will let you see consolidated financial statements for multiple businesses operating under an umbrella organization Create a New Company - Business Type Your company's business type is a complete list of all account names that will be used in the general ledger, including a set of Equity accounts tailor- made for the business.

    Each account is associated with an account ID to help locate it when recording data.

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    Charts full accounts can vary depending on the type of business. Peachtree provides sample companies from which you can copy the chart of accounts. This is a useful dowwnload to set your company. Later, you can modify the chart of accounts to meet the specific needs of your business. Start Create a New Company and make sure the Use a sample business type that closely matches your softwarre option is selected.

    Select the chart of accounts that matches your type from the list. To the right, you can see the chart of accounts that will be created if you select a particular business peachteee. To view more information about an industry, select the View details about a business type link. To continue setup of your company, select the Next button. Create a New Company - Posting Method The posting method determines how Peachtree processes transactions to journals and the general ledger.

    Choose the posting method you want to use when processing transactions: Real-Time Posting: Transactions are posted to the journals and the general ledger as they are entered and saved. This method can save you time and is best for most business peachrree network environments. Most companies use this method. Batch Posting: Transactions are saved by the program and then posted in a group. When you use software posting, you can print registers and check the batch of transactions before posting them to the journals.

    Software can switch posting methods at any time. To continue setting up your company, select the Next button. Choose the accounting method to run download business: Accrual Accounting: Income is recorded as version invoice customers, and expenses are recorded when you receive vedsion from vendors, regardless of when cash is actually accoynting. This presents a truer picture of income and expenses.

    Cash-Basis Accounting: Income peachtree recorded when cash checks, money orders, or currency is received, and expenses are recorded when paid. However, unpaid credit sales and purchases do not show on ledgers, which can present a misleading picture of income download expenses. This is because inventory uses the accrual method, while the general ledger is cash basis.

    This means that the inventory version will be updated to reflect unpaid purchases and sales, while the general ledger will not be updated until actual money changes hands. Create a New Company - Accounting Period Structure Accounting periods are units of time that divide your fiscal year for reporting purposes. In Peachtree you can set up to 13 accounting periods per full year. Choose the accounting period structure you want your company to follow: 12 monthly accounting periods: Each accounting period's starting and ending dates match those of the 12 calendar months.

    You can Page 7 of 29 6 choose to start your fiscal year in January peachtree any other month of the year. Most companies follow this fiscal year structure. Accounting periods that do not match the calendar months: Choose this option if you want to set up a custom fiscal year structure.

    For example, you may want four accounting periods accounting year or possibly 13 four-week accounting periods per year. Peachtree displays the next Create a New Company window corresponding to your setup option. Create a New Company - Fiscal Year Starting dates need to be established for setting up your company and entering data. Once you establish a starting date, Peachtree will automatically set up monthly accounting periods for your first two fiscal years.

    Start Create a New Company, and make sure the 12 monthly accounting periods setup option is selected.

    We will cover some of the key features to see if Sage 50cloud Accounting is the right solution for your business, including: Set up your software & start saving time from day one. Create customer and vendor records quickly and easily so you can start processing information immediately. Overview of inventory to track your items. Convert a company from another accounting program: Select this option if you want to import company data from Peachtree Complete Accounting for DOS or Peachtree Classic (PCA), Quicken, or some other program. For more information, click. The version you have will not convert the version of QuickBooks on your computer. Oct 11,  · Peachtree by Sage Pro Accounting helps improve your productivity with standard accounting features that can automate invoices, checks, and track employee payroll. You can record customer payments, create budgets, and track sales, inventory, and expenses. It provides + reports and financial statements.

    Enter the first month of your first fiscal year, or select it from the drop-down list. Then, enter the year. Usually, a company's fiscal year starts in January and ends in December. However, some companies start their fiscal year in July peachtree end in June. Note: If you are creating a consolidated company Peachtree Premium Accounting and abovethis field will be disabled gray and will display the first month and year of the consolidated company's first fiscal year, based on information taken from the subsidiary companies.

    Peachtree displays the Create a New Company - Finish download. Page 8 of 29 7 Create a New Company - Finish Use this procedure to complete the new company setup process. Start Create a New Company, and read the information in the window and follow the prompts. Read the information on the window. Select the Finish button to save your company settings. Peachtree displays the Maintain Chart of Accounts window.

    Enter an account ID and description for the account. The account ID determines how the account is identified and sorted in the chart of accounts list. Most charts of accounts are set up with specific account types grouped together. Select an account type from the drop-down list. Select Save. Repeat step 1 to 3 till all chart of accounts are created 5. Select Close. From the Tasks menu, select General Journal Entry.

    Peachtree displays the General Journal Entry window. Enter or select the date of the transactions you want to enter. Page 9 of 29 8 Accounting defaults this date to the Peachtree system date. If you are in an accounting period that is different from the system date, then Peachtree displays the first day of that period. Enter a reference for the transaction up to 20 characters. If you software a number reference, Peachtree will increase future General Journal entries by one while this window is open.

    For each line enter or select an account ID. To display a list of existing accounts, type? For each line enter an amount in either the Debit or Credit columns. For each line enter a description for the transaction. The description will appear full General Ledger and various reports. Once the Out of Balance field is zero 0. Click on New Account 2. Click on Account Beginning Balances 3. Enter balances for accounts as listed in Computer Practice 5.

    Be sure that debits and credits balance Set Up a Customer Use this procedure to set up version new customer record. Enter a new customer ID, and complete the necessary information. Click New Button from the window that appear at the bottom side of the window 6. Create two chart of accounts for the customer.

    Close the chart of account window 8. Clock GL sales Account button again 9.

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    Select Chart of Account for the Customer just created. It is of the account type Income. When you're finished version in the window, select the Save button. On the General tab, select the Beginning Balances button. Peachtree displays the Customer Beginning Balances window. These transactions can be adjusted at any time unless a receipt has been applied to the invoice.

    If a receipt has been made, the invoice will have a gray background. To edit it, you must delete the receipt first. To enter beginning balances for additional customers, select the Customer Balances tab. Double-click the customer name, or highlight the name and select the Invoices for tab. Set Up a Vendor Use this procedure to set up a new customer record. From the Maintain menu, select vendor. Enter a new vendor ID, and complete the necessary information.

    Note: Account Type should be expenses and Account payable Close the chart of account window Click GL expense Account button again Select Chart of Account for the vendor peachtree created. It is of the account type Expense. To enter beginning balances for additional vendors, select the Vendor Balances tab. Set Up an Inventory Item Use this procedure to set up a new inventory item record.

    From the Maintain menu, select Inventory Items. Enter a new item ID, and complete the necessary item information. Peachtree displays the Inventory Beginning Balances window. From the item list, enter or select an item ID that you want to accounting a beginning balance. Page 12 of 29 11 4. For each item, enter two of the three fields: quantity on handunit cost, and total cost. Peachtree will calculate the third download remaining field. When finished entering beginning balances for all your inventory items, select OK.

    Name of Company: Your Name Consulting b. Address: E. Moorpark, Software Jose, Full c. Phone Number d. Fax Number e. Federal ID — f. State ID g. Choose a Sample Company, Type is Service h. Method of Accounting: Accrual i. Posting: Real Time j. First Period Entering information: January l. Add the expense account: Licenses and Permits m.

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    Add Account Beginning Balances for January i. ADD the following customers: i. Quality Construction, Stevey Reynolds Blvd. Fremont, CA, bob qualityconstruction. ADD the following vendors: Page 13 of 29 12 i. First National Bank, P. BoxMemphis, TN, www. ADD the following inventory items i. Balance Sheet for January 31, versino. Customer List iii. Vendor List iv. Enter or select the customer ID.

    To display a list of existing customers, type? When the customer is selected, Peachtree supplies the customer default information, including billing and shipping addresses, sales account, shipping method, payment terms, and sales tax code. Page 14 of 29 13 2. If this customer has open sales orders, the Apply to Sales Order tab appears in front. To enter new items on the invoice, select the Apply to Sales tab. Leave the Invoice field blank if you want Peachtree to print an invoice.

    Peachtree will increase the invoice number by one when it is printed. Enter the date pewchtree the transaction if it is different from the displayed date.

    download peachtree accounting software full version

    If you have entered a default shipping address in the customer's record, the first shipping address will appear on the invoice. You can select another shipping address from the choices available in the Ship To drop-down peavhtree, or manually full another address in the Ship To peachtree. If you have entered a default Download. If not, you can enter the customer's purchase order number now or change the default to any other piece of information that will identify this invoice to the customer.

    In it was brought under the Sage 50 banner. The company accounting carved out of The Computersystem Center, an early Altair dealer founded by Roberts, Mann, Jim Dunion, and Rich Stafford, which Dyer had peachtrer as the manager and where its first software was published in The company expanded its offerings with its acquisition of Layeredan accounting program designed for use on the Macintosh. Bedford Software was acquired by Computer Associates in It is developed in Richmond, British Columbia.

    The French version of the product, known as Sage 50cloud Ciel, was originally developed by Ciel, the Download software business, founded in that Sage acquired in full It came under the Sage 50 banner in The Spanish version of the product was formerly known as Sage ContaPlus. Nowadays, ContaPlus is the "accounting version in Spain with more than one million accounting. South African version, Sage 50cloud Pastel, was formerly known as Pastel Accounting [19] and has been available since The product then became known as Softline Pastel.

    Sage acquired Softline in and the product eventually became known as Sage Version sofrware later Sage 50cloud Pastel. It is widely used in industry, with job advertisements frequently requiring proficiency in the software, and training courses are available by third-party providers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sage 50cloud Developer s Sage Group Peachtree release Accounting software Payroll.

    The Scotsman. Retrieved 5 May Software Age. Computer Business Review. Retrieved 9 May Accounting Today. Retrieved 12 July Charles Software InstituteUniversity of Minnesota. McGraw Hill. ISBN

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