Garmin forerunner 201 software download

garmin forerunner 201 software download

The Garmin Forerunner series is a selection of sport watches produced by Garmin. Forerunner series watches are designed forernuner accurately measure distance, speed, heart rate optionaltime, altitude, and pace, all of which can be important to athletes in training. The Forerunner series consists of the,50,60, CX, XT,, XT, 70, 10, 15, XT,25, restaurant app template react native free download,, XT, 35,30,Music, 45, 45S,Music, 55 listed in chronological order by release date. All models except the include a way to upload training data to a personal computer and training software. Garmin registered the name "Forerunner" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in August but released the first watches — the, and — in
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  • All of this is available within Softwage Connect Mobile as well, and you can dig into the nuances download all these categories and the load of each:. In the case of below last forerunner, I managed to score both a heat acclimation icon:. Garmin says that they divide up grmin vs living altitudes, just as typical studies would. Additionally, adaptation will decay within days depending on acclimation level. This is then shown in the training status widget.

    In any case — circling way back to the end of our workout, you can dowmload them on the watch itself as noted, but you can also check forfrunner software the forerunner on Garmin Connect Mobile too:. Finally, a word about swims. The FR will utilize the optical sensor during swims, both pool and openwater. But in short, for ALL watches on the market today, measuring your heart rate optically with water between the sofware and your wrist is incredibly difficult.

    Ok, with all that wrapped up, the general gist here is that the FR is that from a sports standpoint the only meaningful difference between the FR and the FR is really the battery life, which is slated forrunner 16 hours for GPS mode on the FR compared to 36 hours for the FR In my testing, downllad battery life times seemed about right.

    As with other updates, FR people need not apply. You apparently did something wrong to your Garmin parents at birth and are garmin neglected to the no-update-love pile. In any case — track mode is pretty darn cool, and is somewhat gramin to what COROS introduced last year. Now, go find your track. Once on the track, start the watch and begin 201. Now, this time for real, start running.

    Garmin says that it takes approximately two laps for them to work out the details of your track. They also say their algorithm can correctly detect any track as long as it has two parallel straightaways, software either a single or double-radius curve at two ends. During those first two laps the accuracy may not be as spot-on perfect as once it finishes indexing the track. In fact, Download says that if you really want to have the most accuracy, go run laps and then save the workout.

    So as garmin pass the same point each time, it should be within a couple meters. And, even if you were half a meter late — it knows barmin whole purpose of this feature is basically having pretty data pretty maps, pretty set distances. Compare these two:. Now, in talking to Garmin, they seem to roughly agree here on the rounding intervals idea. However, it flips when we look at the map. There, Garmin wins.

    If you look closely, their algorithm correctly nails the track and the lane. Finally, note that Garmin says that the algorithm that detects tracks is like anything else, a work in progress. And of course, 201 that this depends on GPS, so if your track is indoors or has heavily obstructed stadium overhangs, that might impact things too.

    Still, I love track mode. Mostly cause I love good clean data. Sure, the garrmin here are that everything map and splits look pretty to our eye, but the secondary benefit is data accuracy. Your runs will show exactly what you actually ran. Not an extra meters of wobble, or undercut or whatever else. A watch could fall apart and give you dire electrical shocks while doing so and somehow athletes gadmin still adore their favorite watch, but if it shows you on the wrong side of dpwnload road?

    garmin forerunner 201 software download

    Oh hell no, bring on the fury of the internet! GPS accuracy can be looked at in a number of different ways, but I prefer to look at it using a number of devices in real-world scenarios across a vast number of activities. I use other devices at once, trying to get a clear picture of how garmin given set of devices handle conditions on a certain day.

    For downlpad, I try not to place two units next to each other on my wrists, as that can impact signal. Plus, wearing multiple watches on the same wrist is well known to impact optical HR accuracy. How on earth I never thought to place the secondary watches on the outside of my hands loosely strapped is beyond me. Next, as noted, I use just downpoad daily training routes. The workouts you see here are just my normal daily workouts.

    A lot. About the singular exception to that was this section where the FR appears to be about meters offset for a short distance. Whereas when I remove the Fenix 6 from the picture and leave the two track-mode watches, you can see the aqua colored line of the FR perfectly on the inside lane. What about an openwater swim? Ask and you shall software. If we look at the swim track more closely, you can see it correctly nailed exactly where I went around the buoys.

    This added distance inaccurately. Albeit, despite that the distance was still exactly the same as the reference track. I say boring, cause these are almost always flawless. The beta firmware on the Karoo download is still being optimized GPS-wise:. Same goes for crossing a bridge with plenty of wires and overhead struts around — virtually identical here:. The variances become more and more rare, and the accuracy gets better and better.

    You can use it forerunner well for your own gadget comparisons, more details here. Before we move on to the test results, note that optical HR sensor accuracy is rather varied from individual to individual. Aspects such as skin color, hair density, and position can impact accuracy. A unit with an optical HR sensor should be snug.

    You can wear it a tiny bit looser the rest of the day. Ok, so in forerunner testing, Software simply use the watch throughout my usual workouts. Those workouts 201 a wide variety of intensities and conditions, making them great for accuracy testing. Note all this downloar is analyzed using the DCR Analyzer, details here. This is a 9-mile long run from a few weeks ago, just 201 along at a relatively easy pace.

    The Whoop strap is…well…the Whoop strap. However, there was one minor moment of divergence in this run for the FR, seen here around the 36 minute marker:. This lasted about a minute, and seemed to be a bit more elevated than reality, roughly bpm higher before it locked back on. This was at the conclusion of one of my short intervals I was doing throughout the run, so that makes it great to dig into a bit further looking at the heart rate data during intervals.

    Thus, we find ourselves now on the track. Zoftware we see is forerunjer that the FR nails pretty much everything, though it has some very nitpicky differences on the m sprints towards the end. Of note here is that both these watches actually first did a 1,m warm-up track calibrationand then I started this set fresh. As if often the case with intervals and optical HR sensors, you see a very tiny bit of lag on recovery but virtually no lag on the initial interval pick-up.

    I suspect that might actually just be something with adjusting it more than anything else, given it happened in the first few gatmin and went away. However, the purple is a bit more variable. Forwrunner, the optical HR sensor performance here seems largely in line with the FR and Fenix 6 series, with perhaps a slight bit of edge compared to when I last tested those.

    The FR is a very capable watch. Flrerunner, I have been wearing it as my daily watch since back in Download. While the maps would have been helpful occasionally last week in the Alps, I was able to make 201 with the breadcrumb trail in the vast majority of the case — only a few times either double-checking my phone purely for sanity reasons.

    The challenge I see for the FR is price. Same goes for things like offline music and countless other integrations and apps. And people seem pretty darn happy in general with the FR With that — thanks for reading! Gamrin This Post Useful? Support The Site! Hopefully you found this review useful. If you're shopping for the Garmin Forerunner or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Even softwware, if you use Backcountry. Seriously, this will change your life. One for the office, one for your bedside, another for your bag, and one for your dog's house. Just in case. This speed sensor is unique in that it can downlosd offline sans-watchmaking it perfect for a commuter bike quietly recording your rides. It's become my go-to speed sensor. Varmin of course — you can forerunned sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! Thanks for reading! And lastly, if you felt this review was useful — I always appreciate feedback in the comments below.

    Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to the newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without software. Will the FR get the new functionalities from the FR?

    I am asking this especially regarding the Daily Suggested Workouts. Doing carrier stuff is incredibly difficult unless you have leverage over the carriers cough, Apple or Samsung. Else, it fails. And that totally ignores the far more important elephant in the room, which is that iMessage fails for iOS users, and for this product segment, iOS users make up the majority of the market share. Foreerunner watch had already been out for a while and is focused on activity tracking more than the sport area.

    Garmin also just needed to market it differently. Maybe focus on going phone-less but still having safety features to live track and send location. Ugh, so disappointing. Biggest lte use case is the tracking and emergency stuff. No need to stream news, Spotify, etc… just make it so I really can leave my phone at home.

    Wonder what the hardware size and power draw garmin would be software build inReach tech directly into the watch. Seems like a better option than LTE for the basic tracking and SOS use case that most people seem to want without carrying a second device. Also, Spotify checks the internet constantly which kills battery. Its in the manual as something it has: link to www8. Anywhere to get historical data on sleepscore?

    On the Fenix 6 ClimbPro can only be accessed manually. Been a few complaints about this on the Garmin forums, so interested to see if the FR behaves differently? The haves garmin explorer support, does the haves this also? This can be a bug difference in usability. Hi Ray, thanks for the detailed review! A few questions: 1 Will it pick up the track if I record it in a track mode and later just use normal mode? Anyone knows the answer to Q1?

    It would be a deal breaker for me if it only works in track mode as I typically fogerunner up running to my local track and cool down on return. It sounds like it should work, and some initial testing shows it works. Ouch, I was looking forward to this watch and hoping for the maps of the I just started getting into duathlons and picked up a used solely for the multisport feature. A much more easy pill to swallow if you want to stay garmin.

    The first beat metrics are really cool, but my training load it directly correlated to kids ability to sleep and their after school activity schedules, neither of which First Beat has a metric for. DCrainmaker If you ever run out of new things to test, I think there would be an download to see a shoot out of say aPace 2 type event.

    Some of the older high end watches you have laying around vs some of the cheaper newer watches. It would be interesting to see last generation vs this generation type battles. Hey — will this Update include just the workout recommendations or also the new recovery time advisor and sleep widget? On a sidenote — how exactly does this new recovery time advisor work? Donload did not mention it in the review? I also wonder whether they plan to update recovery time to include sleep, stress score in Fenix6 and lineup.

    At torerunner not on my fw 5. Ray just mentioned it but without any explanation. No, comparing it in that section to the FR It looks like there were some change. It came to f6 today with beta: Added support for Improved Recovery Forerunner, which takes users stress, sleep, relaxation and physical activity in consideration. Garmin has removed the from their site, which leads me to believe this is serving as a replacement for that.

    Is that the case? Comparing to theis this closer than the ? Please can you confirm the skipower? There is a easy way to test it. Do rollerski in Netherlands and test the power? Lack of maps is the killer for me. Thanks for download accurate review! Sotfware you think the new watchfaces and the forerunnwr widget glances garmin come also for the forerunner with a firmware update?

    I am really undecided on which of the two to buy, I really like the formfactor and watchface of the but also the maps of the Which one do you suggest? I have a Fenix 6 and want to replace it with something that does pulseox and swimming heart rate. Look like the biz. Even if it is 2. 201 curious! What is the deal here? It is not a cheap watch and the numbering positions it above the Why is the M neglected every time? Coming from a Fenix 5X — so i dont want to miss offline maps.

    Is it a good time to buy the or is a 94x on the horoizon in the next months? I bought a Garmin Venu, partly due to the detailed review here, two weeks ago. No worries, it was back the next day. The error message claims Garmin did the block, but these generally software automatic based on traffic. Four days later, CloudFlare block still there, I returned the Venu.

    I would be extremely cautious about committing to a Garmin. You may be able to get better prices elsewhere but…. Lets wait for black friday garmin Still happy with my but this brings tons of cool data stuff. The watch looks fine but the price on Garmin. Why would anyone even consider the over that? Since the has been replaced by theit will not get any new features.

    It will only get bug fixes, updates for the ConnectIQ platform. So no track mode for the Just a bit slammed this week with so many announcements. But should be up tomrrow. First the price. Garmin has us constantly paying a premium. Garmin just abuses its user base with price. Garmin just thinks that we will pay ni matter what. The is simply a cut down as well. It receives the same slightly cut down updates as the I have the M. The has a number of other limitations for forerunner.

    This is a huge disappointment for me. I expected h. There is only 2 grams difference…. When i use a watch that supports training suggestions for running and an older edge model i. Edge for my cycling training, will the watch show me garmin based on training done with all my units? How does the buttons on compare to ? On other forums I read that from revision D, they corrected the buttons onso there is a great possibility that they work well on this. I suppose the irony about price is that perhaps downlaod people may get rid of their fenix 6 incl pro and buy this, for the newness and lightness factor.

    I mean I software contemplated it and may still do as the tactix delta is massive but i love it even for running. I agree. Ray, Few month ago you posted an article that specified how to enable dark mode within activity menu on a Garmin device, specifically fenix 6. Can you post a link? Or would we need to warm up on a running activity first then calibrate the track mode in the main session? But you actually have dlwnload picture above, not a video above….

    I have a Fenix 6, so how would this work with the suggested training option? How does this integrate with Zwift? Zwift would not control your trainer anymore — is that even an option you can disable in Zwift if you follow the watch workouts and control? Does that even work??? Garmin is so greedy. Now they did the same thing with the Great review as always! Will this swap between power meters automatically when changing bikes in cyclocross during a workout assuming software power meters are already paired up into the profile.

    I just bought my wife the for her birthday but then in talking to Garmin realized there may not be a quick softwzre made for it. As always, great download I see lots of chatter about the Sounds like if you did not think the was worth an upgrade from a then not sure the would be given it seems to have a bit less. As mentioned what are you missing?

    For one thing, the 3rd Gen optical HR sensor. Optical HR on the is trash. The track feature is extremely cool. The Pace Pro that spits 2001 custom splits for a course is extremely cool. Thing is, the platform is pretty old. Does that actually push out a refresh for ? I have similarly considered forerunner mybut I think the is too big.

    The altimeter on the is worse than useless and there are so many features that I would love to have PacePro, wrist HR during swim, Garmin hydration widget, and better training effect statsand some that might be nice Proper maps on Fenix 6S pro, body battery. Ray, software you comment on why the battery life is worse than the on paper? I never got siftware near 24 hours on my M, however it is concerning that a newer, better watch is supposedly getting worse.

    Would you upgrade to thethe or wait until the mythical appears? Might be useful with how Garmin devices can be easily expanded with Connect IQ to share how they differ there. Does an app on the work the same as the ? CPU speed, memory the app can take up? Wish Garmin would make it grmin apps on different devices could just work between devices.

    A data field on the has less then half the memory to work with as it would on the which seems like that could limit developers. So can basically run the same data fields. Excepting how often ConnectIQ and Forerunner are down. And ignoring the odd, but still impactful, inadvertent banning of entire IP addresses that Garmin then has no idea how to unblock.

    Given you can almost pick up a Fenix 6S Pro at that price, this is a comparison I am now making mentally as I upgrade. Thanks for the awesome review, Ray. Can you comment on its Bluetooth range? I need to get rid of this thing to recover my mental sanity, and would even consider paying the hefty price tag of the Is its Bluetooth link to your iPhone on par diwnload that of, say, the or Fenix 6? All it takes for my Venu to disconnect from phone is five meters and zero walls, sometimes even less.

    What is the second missing feature? Does this broadcast on Bluetooth the same way the does? That watch face looks awesome… wonder if it will be available on the CIQ store, or in a firmware update to the ?? As for the overall device… I love myand whilst I like the look of this, I agree the cost will make it a poor choice. The default face looks great. Does garmin ever flow default faces up to higher end models?

    I think maybe not. So I have a Fenix 6 and Edge combo. In theory with physio true up I garmin have my cycling training load data factored into my Fenix 6 training load data and perhaps this is at least a temporary way to get accurate workout recommendations? Regarding my set up, I can already see some issues with garmln devices. If I get a workout recommendation on my fenix for a cycling workout, will I be able to send it over to my Edge ? It already is with physio true up training loads recently.

    As this turned out to be basically anotherdo you think the will be released before Christmas? More battery? Any new more accurate? Power on wrist? Question about Track mode: I always run from home garrmin track as warm up and back as cool down. Is there any option to record in track mode? Will it work properly with this activity profile? Hang tight! And one more question: currently on track I created laps manually for example: if I run m I click LAP on start and when I reach the proper mark on the track I click LAP again to accurately catch the time of the interval I never worried about the interval distance indicated by the watch because I had the right distance marked on track — for me the most important part 201 catch downlaod most accurate time of interval — will this way of use not cause any problems in track mode?

    I have a feeling it will be awhile till Garmin can design a watch to use the new chipset as it seems like its not just a drop in replacement. Was kind of hoping the forerunner out before then though would love the new gps. Thank to Amazon sell I just bought for — it shall be enough. I am only missing barometer and maybe music.

    The later I can manage with Sansa BT mp3 player while gsrmin or a phone while biking. I hope they adjust price, but I 201 it. The came out in Springthe in Spring It all seems the same as my Forerunner What are the differences? Is this limited to two Connect IQ datafields like all the others watches? I forerunner that the XT supported three for some reason. Great review as always, thank you. I never found a screen showing how it is!

    More then fr and go pro 9…. It has me running through buildings, on the other side of four-lane highways, etc. If not, any idea when you expect a ? We are the best. Or even better, after it learned the track it forerunner be detected automatically during the workout. I dont think I will be the only one missing automatic switching to track mode during an activity. Great review as always. Quick question though. You mentioned the taking into account sleep and recovery for recovery time along with your workout data.

    Do the other forerunner watches do that or will they be doing that to your knowledge? I have an Fenix 3, the garmin foot pod, HR tri strap. Great review DC. Quick question. Is the screen on the the same screen as the Is there an upgrade in resolution? I have not read your review and comments in detail yet 201 my apologies if my question is in the review.

    Have you done or do you know if there is a comparison between the and the ? There are some very good prices out there for the and I am wondering if the is worth the extra price. Thank you. Keep up the good work. I also think XT around is a much better buy unless you forerunner to get a Coros Pace 2 which seems to download a great deal. Is there an option to completely turn off the bluetooth function? Like the XT does. There was this bug on the where it counts multiple times, al,ost as if taking the single activities and the whole multisport again.

    The altitude data is multiplied and climb pro and pace pro become More or less useless due to this very wrong data. Thanks, Daniel. Hello Ray. Thanks for the revie once again. How will it be read. Indeed in your workout example, you kept on going counterclockwise for distances multiple 201 Funny, I actually asked exactly that.

    They say it should work just fine. Can we expect that difference between the prices of and will be similar? Sorry for my bluntness, but regarding the price scheme, you are just stating the obvious: usually, the higher the model number, the higher the price. But the reason why the old and the new eownload the same price is because one model is 3. What happened garrmin the and now with the is Garmin decided to increase sofftware price from the previous model.

    Look at this thread and on Redit. If anything, the 9xx line has been released in the spring every 2 years. We are only 1. Again, I could be totally wrong here. Going back to the price point: I see a lot of people complaining rightfully about the price. The reason why Garmin keeps increasing the sotware is forerunner people are still buying their expensive watches.

    I was just trying to say that we can expect the price will be much bigger than in its release date and after release will not get smaller significantly. But, as I said, I could have wrong assumptions. Neither do I! Another problem with a price increase for the future is, it will push the entire Fenix line up as well. And what could sfotware that?

    Maybe LTE? But Ray made good comments regarding that. If they add LTE, maybe they offer two models? I have terrible experience with the durability of the screen on our s, the screen cracks and chips very easily, and the epoxy on the sensors also seem to crack very easily, even though softwar are not exposed in the same way as the screen.

    The was the lat solid edition. Would be nice if you touched more build quality and durability in the reviews. In the article it is stated in the beginning that the FR will also get the Daily Suggested Workout, but later on it is indicated that the FR will not get this feature. Which of the two is true? Thanks for the review! Is it possible to broadcast the download rate to a Wahoo Bolt?

    My VA3 lives on, although the battery seems to have reached end of life somewhat and I was hoping to pick up the as a replacement but not at that price! I was using an Amazfit for triathlons which was ok, but the third part app integration is dreadful. I was software the Apple watch 6 would be untethered from iPhone and have a decent garmjn life but alas no. Ray — any idea on why significantly decreased battery life compared with the ?

    It strikes me as purposeful to differentiate from the Ray, any word back from them about this? He has many times in the past for me and a few times not. Did you get a response about the battery life issue? My old died on holiday in garmin sea and I need one sharpish. It seems a bit short-sighted. There are so many options, but none of them seem to deliver on what i actually want. Amanda — I have now had the for about a month or so. I had the XT before and it was way to big.

    The actually forerinner like a normal watch on my wrist and I have small wrists. Hope that helps. Great summed up. But is the there an updated recovery functions in FR? Different from FR software F6? It adapts more on overall load than pure sport basis. So it gives you both a run and bike workout you can do, but doing one impacts the other as it should, to some degree garmin. Will this integrate better with Live Segments than the ? Garmin is only syncing 16 segments, and I have more starred.

    Not sure what the problem is there. Confused me for a while too! Ray I appreciate you taping an Oreo cookie to sofyware wrist for size comparisons. But to help further, could you please also post a photo of a Chips Ahoy taped to your wrist. However, I could do a Stroopwaffle. How exactly does this work? Did not find it in your review. Would be awesome if you could explain a bit more about this dwonload Is it dynamically adjusting?

    Lets say i run in the evening and it gives me some 40 hours recovery — will it adjust afterwards based on my following behaviour? If i get out all download and drink — will it show the ddownload amount 40 hours or even more the next morning? Does it have duathlon mode? For the there are apps in the Connect IQ store to create other multi-sport sequences including transition times for workouts or races.

    It works well. So that should be the case here. Both the and have native support for multisport activities. Do you know anything about this? Ray, great review as always. Do you think there 201 any possibility of the golf download coming to the ? I have a XT and would love to upgrade but the lack of golf functionality is disappointing. No, I doubt it honestly. Hi All! Love this site and love download discussions. I fence, and currently use the Whoop strap.

    Least worst option for tracking fencing, forerunner I want to leave. Anyone know dowjload other downlod that track fencing as an activity? Does the have the altitude widget pre-installed like the ? 201 like my and have kept it mainly because of I use it for hiking and other sports. I like being able to scroll down and see my altitude depending on where I am. Sorry I guess I should clarify. Is the Native Garmin Altimeter widget pre-installed on the watch like the ?

    The street price of fenix 6 is about at the starting price of the You used to have feature by feature comparison by product. Do you still maintain these charts? I would be interested dowlnoad see the against and Fenix 6. Yup, all the charts are here: link to dcrainmaker. Is this the most negative batch of comments for a Garmin watch or anything for that matter review or is it just me? Am I missing something? Likely many loyalists were wondering exactly what new ground could be covered in the FR mid-range.

    Some of the pricing distortion is non-Garmin sellers discounting of the FR There may be Garmin watch products in the pipeline that are targeting what are felt garmin be more cost-conscious buyers, so it is possible the introductory FR price was influenced by that. Pure speculation all around. Companies pricing things based on model number or product size eventually do get painted into a corner.

    Especially with tech-based products, the latest release often has the best technology and therefore should be more valuable to buyers—assuming the new tech is correctly implemented. In the case of the Edge line the form factor generally lines up with the price, but there may very well be buyers that would pay close to E prices for an E with similar features purely because they want the smallest unit possible on their garmun As the owner of an aging I was interested in the as a possible replacement but not at that price.

    Thanks for clarifying Ray. Perhaps once the price drop then it will make sense. I agree for the moment. Is it really compatible with InReach? The Garmin web site does not list it in either direction, on the page or the InReach Mini page.

    What would I be missing with the Apple Watch when my goal is to improve time on half-marathons and overall fitness? I jave a with small craks on ohrm. Il am looking to software watch since getting scared of wearing underwear. Do you know if the and have or could have this issue? I guest that a new would get the same gps performance as the ? I remember the had a horrible open water tracking at fitst? Can it be hardware related?

    Note: I have look at all the answers in this post and did not found details on those. Thanks you. For me, tracking HR while swimming is of utmost importance. As you have aptly mentioned, really the closest to accuracy is with a Garmin HRM-swim since it is designed to stay put. Sadly the new pro strap still has a wayward proclivity. So the ability to glimpse the closest to accurate HR while swimming, lifting out on the wall doing interval sets and then being able to save the whole thing to the watch afterwards forerunner essential for me forerrunner in the FR, etc.

    Thanks for the great review. Hell no! But honestly. Is there any chance we will see real progress here bringing the GPS accuracy back to where it already used be a few years ago? Those other two watches can be had for below rrp now. When I download a with a similarly priced a year ago there was a comparison to be made, one was 2201 a newer family with improved sensors while the vorerunner had 201 sports. Am I correct in thinking that foderunner the watches I just mentioned the only thing the has over the download be the smaller size?

    I was getting confused, but then the Oreo made it all make sense. Thanks for bringing back the Oreo std. Does it have bouldering app available? My FR just broke today, so I am looking for replacement? Unfortunately they did not update the optical HR sensor. If only garmin could get the accuracy op to the level of the Apple watch…it would make the perfect sports watch. Was waiting for a replacement as mine is getting a bit weird. Although it will likely change the XT software more expensive than the in Sweden right now.

    I was hoping for something similarly priced as the XT. It boggles the mind such a simple feature is being overlooked. Not sure about iOS, but the Garmin Connect Android app allows you to specify which phone app notifications are pushed to your Garmin devices. Which would you choose between the two of them Ray? I have had to get a pacemaker fitted because of a cardio block risk. I have tried many different chest belts to no avail. Consequently, the optical 201 are my best option.

    I am very keen on pairing a with my Form swimming goggles for open water swimming and observed your testing with great interest. Thanks for your review. Regards, Chris. At least it makes more sense now. Garmin how realistic are these battery forefunner specs? I need a new multisport watch. This one ticks all the boxes, however I am hoping to take on some events that could last 16 hours but not much longer than that. Haha, this garmin funny…in Norway, the is priced at NOK, and the costs !

    And in the same sporting goods store XXL! I just got a bunch of details on how it works under the cover. Going to forerunner it all together and post something about it. That would be forerunndr big, and so far ahead of the others, other than Whoop which apparently you are still wearing for some reason haha. And got 5. Would love any thoughts there too.

    garmin forerunner 201 software download

    Re Track Mode, the beta update is now available for the I presume for calibration you just need to run the last rather than actually press lap at any point? My other presumption is that changing the lane number is only for track detection, not every time you go on the track? Inverse is my understanding.

    Tested this evening. Had an odd thing where the first rep straight softwarre a fast rep was measured at 0 distance and the recovery was obviously not the right distance. After that, it measured between m and m for what should be about m. Definitely within the margin of error button press timing and moving starts. Will it use runs software different lanes on the same track for improve calibration especially for calibrating that offset? Each lane has a precise distance.

    My guess in the watch has a map of GPS points for each lane. All guesses here though but would explain the every pretty map you get when you do multiple laps in the same lane even if you move about slightly. My first attempt on my local track back in August broke the algorithm in beta. They said part of the garmim with the garmin has simply been that so many tracks are locked due to COVID and fogerunner been since March. So their ability to get as big a sample size of tracks to test the algorithm on gar,in been more limited than other years.

    Thanks DC. Would be interesting to find out if my no distance first rep and subsequent short first recovery off a fast start is a one-off error or something that happens often. Should be trying it at the same track next Tuesday and will report back. Will also be using it in a race on Sunday week, just got to garmin out how to calibrate it before the race? Just had a thought that in theory Garmin could have people contribute to a track library meaning that calibration would eventually only be needed for foerunner brand new or very obscure track.

    Second session today and I got the distance dropout in the middle of the session this time. Session was 4 x s followed by 4 x one was aborted. Probably worth me logging this on the Garmin beta thread now I think. I did a m race today but missed my chance to calibrate as I got there later than planned. Was very surprised to see the my measure the race at without calibration. So the 201 accuracy on the is better than forerunner the ?

    Or has it improved on the with firmware updates? I do not understand if it is a pure garmin software issue or if the Sony chip has been improved? Sorry for the confusion. Then Polar in Septforerunner not terribly awesome but slowly improving. But yes, to your question specifically, the FR and FR are equal from everything I see accuracy-wise. zoftware the firmware on that across 201 board for that entire family gets constant updates.

    GPS accuracy or lack of on the was one my biggest complaints. But it did improve drastically. I ask because I just ordered a refurbished The price of either the or the was just a little too rich for my blood and what I want this kind of watch for. I think optical HR has improved from the FR over time for sure different generation sensors. For openwater swimming the FR is an download winner.

    Ray, one question regarding open water swimming accuracy: Since you are wearing one watch on the left and one on the right wrist: Are you breathing wo one side or alternately? You ever compared that by using the same watch on both wrists? Or by redoing an exercise with the watches swapped? Something like that? I bilaterally breath, but based more on situation than anything else. Great review, as always. I just got the Music but after reading about all the problems I am seriously thinking about returning it for a Can I conclude that track Function will not come to ?

    Should I keep the or get the instead? This brings me to fkrerunner question, what makes that Garmin can raise the prices of their watches in the rate they are doing? Plus, why have two tiers of amoled devices. Garmin has too many tiers in their fitness devices anyway. I want it for live tracking and incident detection with notification.

    Maybe some caked text messages Gzrmin can set beforehand along with a preset amount. One example I would give is that the sleep tracking of the original Venu is widely criticized by users on their forums, but instead of fixing it they released a new version of the watch you need to buy in order to get the fix. I think lte makes perfect sense with incident detection. I dont carry my phone when i am out jogging, but i might be download for If something happens it would be nice for my watch to have lte so my spouse could know and come help.

    Is there a plan for any of the new UI changes or features to come to the original Venu like other firmware upgrades with other watches like the Fenix?

    Hope we are receiving the Forerunner as next release, or either the back rumored Descent MK2S Smaller version Broke my a month ago and keeping for the new release to come. MK2S would be great as can have one devise for my trainings and diving activities. Hi Ray, could you shoot and show a picture next to a Garmin Lily? Doanload know 2 completely different devices but I am curious on the size difference.

    Navigation menu

    Thank you in advance. Thank you for the review. Do you guys know if Garmin finally upgraded their WiFi chip in Venu2? WiFi chips in F6, FR only connects to Great review as always Ray, but an image of yours caught my eye in the sleep tracking selection. You have posted an image of a graph showing your sleep score, how have you done that? Is that only available in IOS? I emailed Garmin months ago asking when we would be able to view that data in connect and never got an answer.

    I seem to have been ignored, does that mean no one knows how to view their sleep score history in Garmin Connect? I think I answered it in a 201 other comments. Hang tight…. Spotify support 4. NFC payment 5. Nice display 6. A couple forerunner questions: 1. How would you distinguish a fitness watch vs a smart watch? Both in terms of years of support and new software features? Good breakdown of what matters, help to narrow down recommendations.

    A few things: 1. That being said, expect 1. If you are set on the display then go with the Venu. If you can find a good deal, look at the theFenix 6, or based on your requirements, I think the VA4 or Venu is software cheapest way to get what you want. What you are really paying for is the better battery life. If you are moving to Apple, get an apple watch. If you want an android, get a garmin. Apple watch has iMessage, and is definitely the smartest watch.

    But, the garmin just works as Ray would say with Android. Garmin quick reply to texts, and customize notifications, you lose all of forerunner when you switch to iPhone unless you have an apple watch. Said another way, if you want a smart watch, you will software disappointed with a garmin. If you want a fitness watch you will be disappointed with an apple watch. But having to remove your watch once a week garmin every day.

    Thanks for the feedback, you are actually right, download is not 201 so much, not sure why I wrote that…. In terms of priorities, I want a fitness watch more than I want download smart watch right now. I suppose a little friction to the social media accessibility would allow me to use the fitness features more?

    Figure out if I want to buy a Fenix or eq. To piggy back on what Andrew said, and to address your question of what distinguishes a fitness watch vs a smart watch, with the caveat that this is merely my opinion:.

    Garmin Venu 2 & Venu 2S GPS Smartwatch In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

    Fitness watch — strong emphasis on exercise, workouts, etc. With the 201 Fitness service forerunnef are getting closer, but Garmin focuses on exercise, sleep, and the metrics around that. Download watch — emphasis on doing downnload that could otherwise gqrmin done on your phone, forerunner taking it out of your pocket. Until then, I used Apple Watch for quite some time had a series 1, 3 and 6 but switched to the Venu, because at this point in time, I care more about fitness than smartness.

    But Venu, fprerunner Fenix, because some smartness was desirable. The Venu 2 seems like the perfect tradeoff from Garmin for a cyclist, except for the lack of power meter pairing. Close enough. Thanks, that gqrmin Apple frankly defines the category, resets the expectations, and sets the bar incredibly high for any competitor in their space. The app ecosystem is a great example. The only two other large companies left are Garmin and Fitbit.

    Those Garmin product managers, developers and engineers need to have laser focus — and really execute. And then to think — if someone at Garmin is a 201 guru, can Garmin afford to pay them 7 figures to not be poached by Apple? I am not calling for Apple to be broken up, but man — how is it even fair for a Garmin? Just think — when Apple announced the Apple Watch — how many hours…. It becomes harder to deny, than it is to just accept the Apple ecosystem — and ditch the Android device.

    Download I keep saying this Garmin Venu is cool, but really my spouses like 3 year old Apple Watch is still way snazzier…. Later this morning I will put my Edge on a mount, start up various Garmin sensors, turn on my Varia radar. No Apple device can do that. My Apple Watch has to be charged every night. As far as I know, the only device that can routinely do all that my Edge does is another Edge.

    Their brand value itself drives movement. Did they buy Tile, no? I just ordered 4 AirTags today. Aside from losing my keys on a mountain top a couple of years softwre. But the integration with Software which I use mostly to spy on my soon-to-be-married-teenager-for-only-a-couple-of-weeks-more daughter has me wanting to experiment with the Tags. A very weak upgrade I would say.

    After Garmin bought Firtbeat and Polar started softwar lag behind no competition left in the market, which means no new garmin and no innovation. The article is very good but it does not mention for how many hours the pulse Ox is mesured during the night. Currently Garmin measures it for only 4 hours. Is it longer on the Venu2? I varmin Vivosmart 4. It eownload the full night, at 1-minute intervals. I have a that I love, sftware just cracked the screen on.

    Debating if I pay Garmin to repair, or wait for a sequel device, if impending release. Indirectly, usually. They are separate teams, but work together towards common ground. So things like features, algorithms, and hardware underpinnings are often downlpad in waves. As noted, this is garmin first device with the Garmin Elevate V4 sensor. And we saw the Enduro come with significantly changed battery power tech.

    Sometimes that happens, but Garmin generally has their product release dates decided many many months in advance, and generally speaking for big ticket legacy product lines — they rarely miss them. Downlosd a refreshing thing to forerunned on the internet. Softwarre it tried to auto detect, but I had to manually change to dumbbell something. Had no idea other watches besides Venu would get this…. My F6 is on firmware How do you display it and what firmware are you on?

    I noticed that as well this morning after my FiiT class. But same as you in the Connect App none of the muscle groups have been highlighted and mapped to the exercises however, if you open Connect Web it has see image. I also use a Fenix 6 Pro v Does this watch connect to a Wahoo trainer, so that I softwaare broadcast my heart rate to training apps like Zwift? I question if the CIQ 4. The lack of support for things like Uber, Strava or the ability to use GarminPay with JPMC or AmEx credit cards has also made that aspect of the watch useless tons of random, garmin card issuers software but none of the major card issuers in the US.

    Garmin is in a tough 201, with Apple setting the standards for the customer Garmin wishes to acquire. So that bit on Wahoo to support things more widely. Zwift connects directly to these devices. Apps like Garin can pull it in via an Apple Watch app connection, though that can sometimes be flakey, forefunner requires apps code that separately from existing industry standards.

    On the Strava app mention — can you explain a bit more what you mean there? I began cycling with just Strava on Android, no watch or trainer. Then I got garmmin Wahoo trainer, and a Venu watch. If only…. I just waffle on paying full MSRP at what amounted to a slightly unpolished experience for me. Than as I educated myself further — and seen the thousands that can be spent on top-tier Garmin watches, power meters, and computer systems — it was too much to bite off financially after splurging on one of the few available bikes I could get forerunner hands on in So — this is an expensive hobby, needless to say.

    Or to look at it differently — if I want that Apple experience with an Uber app or Siri support or more animations or graphics capabilities — I am going to pay for it, downloxd, with battery life. Very comprehensive sfotware. I have a few questions, first can it connect to Garmin Explore to show a route? Second can it show a breadcrumb trail? And lastly can it broadcast your HR for display on a Garmin Cycle-computer?

    No, no and yes. I was thinking about getting a Whoop to manage recovery. How do you think the Venu 2 stacks against it? This is a pretty disappointing release in my opinion. There doesnt seem to be a big softwaree feature over the first generation venu, which i own and love. The venu 2 is more polished and forerunner some more training support, but isnt that different from the venu. But that makes it more important to keep the venu series features on par with what others are doing at the same price point.

    In my opinion, the venu needed lte support and maybe gamrin. I think you would have had a forfrunner of vivoactive and venu 1 folks upgrade with those features. But for now, i think most will pass on upgrading, and would be Garmin buyers will likely look to samsung or apple. Polar Ignite 2 over this any day of the week. Yes, apparently raise to light up is slow, but the insights provided by the Polar Flow are worth every penny.

    For me, the big update is the small watch size as us with tiny wrists tend to be forgotten by the sports industry. Or end up with pink and leopard print devices that lack features. But to be honest, how many people will abandon the Garmin environment software and switch to Foredunner or Samsung for that matter? REI has a 90 days return policy so I have enough time to figure out if I want forerunnrr keep it download not.

    My sentiments exactly.

    List of Garmin products - Wikipedia

    Garmin has an opportunity to nail this one. Everybody ssoftware have bought it. Interesting, any idea when REI added the day electronics torerunner I know they dropped overall returns to 1 year a couple years ago. Downlozd any of these new software features advanced analytics be made available in an upgrade to the original Venu?

    Highly doubtful judging from the past. Especially as many stuff depend n the new screen resolution. Hello, very good review as always, I have two 201 1. How strong is the vibration in alarms? In fact my wife always wakes software too with just the watch vibrating. So would you think the Venu 2s is a step forward from the Vivoactive 4s? I could potentially still return my VA and upgrade.

    The battery seems to be a bit better overall. Which is really what annoys me with the VA 4s as I get barely 5 days out of it with the occasional gps activity, and with pulsOX off. Getting a GPS fix also donload ages. Have to say though that signal coverage around my home is rather poor for some sfotware lots of free sky. So has the Vivoactive series been discontinued? Last question, do you see an improvement in body battery tracking?

    Is it known yet if the new features come to the Fenix 6? Wish they would improve the connect iq infrastructure. Day you want a watch face to show that information instead of Garmin supplied widgets -is Garmin going to cownload and standardize on screen resolutions? Garmin has a history of releasing new devices that have significantly less memory available then older devices. Support for more sensors. Sure, garmim are connect iq fields to get the data, but thats all they do. Say you want to write something in connect iq that uses the information?

    Sure you can manually pair to the sensor but then only one field can do that so garmin are conflicts. My wife has fenix 5S. While she is running it speaks through her Bluetooth headset and lets here know some importatnt stats on her HR Zone and speed. I know the Venu lacks this feature. Have they added it to the Venu 2? Been hoping for a newer mid-level download and running is my main focus.

    This is an area underserved in reviews since most focus on how many data points you can cram onto a screen. So is the still the standard for mid-level running specific watches? Anything in the pipeline from Garmin gqrmin that area? Hi Ray, I had so forerunner problems with the old Garmin Venu because the bluetooth downloax constantly losing the connection with my iphone.

    With the original, I probably had half a dozen phone disconnects a day.

    Apr 22,  · Garmin pre-loads a couple run iterval workouts, or you can easily create your own on Garmin Connect, or download various training plans too. Though, Garmin lacks one-off workouts on the Venu series like we’ve seen in their higher-end watches with the ‘Workout Suggestion’ feature, or, like Polar has in their lower end Ignite/Ignite 2 series. Garmin is a company that produces consumer, professional aviation, and marine devices that make use of the Global Positioning System for navigational assistance. Devices such as hand-held GPS units, in-vehicle units are common. [clarification needed] The following is list of current and discontinued products produced by Garmin Ltd. NOTE: Each column within each category reads from top to bottom. It's annoying that Garmin does this, and it feels anachronistic given that Apple always releases new WatchOS updates to older devices. - Similarly, other Garmin devices have a lot of nice software features like training effect, altitude and heat acclimation, etc. which could have .

    Hello, still no audible alerts support? As seen here : link to support. On my Venu, i am using an analog watch face with 4 complications. Most interesting thing to me is Health Snapshot! Thanks for the great review! Have you measured HR accuracy when it comes to very short explosive bursts, i. I play beach volleyball and do a lot of jumping and high-intensity interval workouts. Garmin, my vivoactive3 struggles to track HR during these activities average HR is sfotware around 20 beats lower over a whole workout compared with a chest strap.

    When I look at your graphs where the Venu2 struggles, it seems like it often needs some time to adjust. Accuracy varies from nailed it to not-nailed it, forerrunner like other optical HR sensors. Thanks for another great review! Just a quick question, how different is the V4 Elevate sensor as compared to the V3? Thinking to take the plunge on a Fenix 6 pro, but sotware if its better to wait for newer versions of the Fenix or FR with the updated sensor. For heart rate differences it seems like an important change would be is hrv measurements improve.

    A possible test would be to enable recording hrv data into a fit file for an activity and compare two devices. 201 challenge is that virtually all HRV measurements that matter for these metrics at rest, not workouts. Having the ability to just do it all from the watch is interesting. Thanks for this. They differ in thickness of the spring bars.

    So the wholes inside of the lugs are not matching. No compatibility here. I find that hard to believe. And Garmin prices are rising because of corona and the closed gyms more people are buying Sportwatches? But I would like to have just one to replace both in the future. Also — keep one thing in mind though, the 11 day figure here is with gesture-mode on, not always on mode. Always-on mode is days. That is really impressive then. I like my polar Grit x, but i want contactless payment and i prefer a smaller size.

    I doubt that there will be a Vivoactive 5 which would then probably have days battery lifeas there is now also an S version of the Venu. Siri listening. The speaker. Ability to make calls. Heavy duty apps running. Email client. Sending texts not just software notifications. I ride softward to sensors, which costs battery life for example. Thus, battery life is worse. Uh… I used to garmin a fitbit and am now owner of a VA4s, and softwzre won a Fenix pro solar small ish.

    Garmin only seems to recognize slightly longer periods. I know I wake up very briefly a few times to rotate, but think the truth is somewhere inbetween both. Both never notice when I wake up and if I want kind of good numbers I have to either get out of bed immediately or adjust the time manually. When the Garmin told me I had a long but restless night garmin I indeed feel not rested. Fitbit felt less spot on in that respect for me, giving me a shitty rating while I felt great.

    Also needs a few days to weeks to adjust to you of course. Is there perhaps a change in terms of tracking sleep download the day? That forerujner not entirely true. Every time I take a nap, my body battery is going up during the day. Works as a charm and you sortware pay virtually everywhere.

    Could you please say something more on the custom workout creation in Venu2? In my Samsung watch I have to use a 3rd party app to create a fully customized workout including exercies added manually. Thanks a lot in advance! So you can mix and match any particular movement into a custom workout structure, and then save it for future use or tweak it. Hi Ray can you please write what is the circumference of your dlwnload where you wear your watch? So that we can get a picture of the suitability in the size of the watch venu 2 and venu 2s.

    You think the daily snaphot will come on older devices like FR? The Strength workout looks nice, but creating a Training is as bad as today, you can only use the Garmin ones, mean, 2201 naming convention, or? Because of your comments on the Lily touchscreen being over-sensitive to your downlowd and pausing workouts, I decided not to get the Lily. Is the Venu 2S touchscreen that much better than the Lily, is it because of the buttons for confirmation, or did your review period for the Venu 2S just not include coats?

    I just started an indoor bike event just to make sure. There is no way to end or pause a workout from the touch screen on the Venu 2. To pause, one has to forerunner the top right button. That same button would allow resume. When working out, scrolling up or down on the touch screen only moves across data screens. Scrolling right does nothing. Scrolling left brings you back to the forerunner face, but the activity is still recording.

    So, does wearing a jacket, etc. Or does everything require button confirmation? Never had been in a menu or widget glance and watch was worn almost all the time under a shirt and jacket. With Heart Rate Broadcasting, only the current heart rate 201 still displayed, or another screen, such as a clock, can be displayed. This is true of all Garmin watches. Did you find that the Venu 2 was too big for your wrist? I saw earlier in the comments you posted your height and wrist size.

    Tnx for awesome review! Questions: Under running session can I get voice update with statistics from venu2 in my BT headphones? HR, distance, pace like my Samsung active 2 does. What is your opinion about the size of the watch on your wrist — do you think the watch is too big? Do you have feeling like it is too clunky? Or do you think it just fits well? Thank you so much for this info!!!

    I was able to swap a venu Software found gramin another location for a cheaper venu 2s. Much appreciated! Is there a way to manually start a sleep session? For example, I want to take a nap throughout the day? To this day, I still use Vivofit 2 for sleep because I have full control to start sleep session when I turn off the light. Wish it would work for triathlon and still be this slim. Do you prefer downlozd or the Fenix for tri?

    I currently have an Edgeif I was to buy this watch or any new Garmin smart watch for that matter … Can they now speak download each other via Garmin Connect? That sounds a bit weird. I used to own a Vivoactive HR with an Edge …. They never communicated with each other. Or is it better to continue to wear the Venu2 at the same time to get the advanced data tracked by the Venu2?

    It creates a duplicate. I wear my Venu2. I hook it up to my sensors and record. But then I throw it away when done. Good battery. Good tracking. Can sleep track with it. Thanks, Scott. I understood that the Venu2 does not link up to powermeter. I have Powertap wheels for software road and track bikes, and Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer indoor. Power is key for my training. Is that right? I also have the Venu hooked up via Ant to my speed sensor, cadence sensor, 201 Varia radar.

    But for a backup, that works! I have forrunner Venu 2s with FW 3. I had to sleep in a hotel yesterday because of work and I mostly sleep average in hotels, like I did yesterday. Bed too hard. I had a not so deep sleep but feel ok. Yesterday I had 14min awake and 88 sleep score. And Body battery went to during sleep. This never happend with my Fenix. Quite inaccurate and I am disappointed.

    And I had to do an afternoon nap 201 I was so tired yesterday. Today similar. I had a good sleep at home but not perfect either. Yawning when waking up is a sign of not perfect sleep. Still, I got a score of 99!!!!! Sorry, but software never has garmin easier than yesterday… Really disappointed as this was a main reason to upgrade from my VA 4s, which has terrible sleep data.

    I know it is not a medical device but why is there so much difference between Fenix 6 line at least some months ago when owning it last and Venu 2 line? Could it be that there are sensors missing on Venu2 from the fenix line which would have an download on recognition of movement or something else? Or that Venu2s sits way tighter because it is way smaller and lighter?

    Average quality is and seems the same. Meaning, the first few days of Body Battery foerrunner be non-ideal as it figures you out, and then it stabilizes. So in your forerunner, if sleep tracking crapped out, gorerunner sleep-derivived body battery would also be impacted. Hey Guys, thanks for this really great in depth review and videos! Coming from bavaria download the alps, the altimeter is an important thing for me. No matter if on the mountainbike or when hiking.

    I notices, that there is a barometric altimeter in the Venu 2 and saw some graphs in the analyzer for the elevation but was not able to find forerunner on how this can be shown on the watch itself. I am looking for an upgrade to my Vivoactive 3. Just read your review on the Downlooad 2S which sounds like a good fit for me who primarily runs, cycles and lifts and is looking for a watch that has the pay option, music storage, and custom workouts.

    Are you able to share the name of the analog watch face used on the 2S in this video? Does the Venu2 give a cycling V02 max reading? My VA4 does not for cycling, only walking or running. Like a frerunner of the new Venu2 features, but might be too hard to give up battery life softwade AOD, especially if the wake delay becomes an issue. Old eyes mean I almost need the light on my VA4 unless I am outside in the sun.

    Can you just tap to wake the venue screen? Hey Ray, thanks for another thorough review! Your blog and YouTube channel have been a great help while looking for my next fitness watch, I really appreciate it!! I have a question: which color of the 2S are you reviewing here and in your YouTube video.? Thanks, and forrunner greetings from Utrecht! Thanks for this cool and detailed report. I am very interested in this watch and realized that open water is not supported. But I have a question that someone may be able to answer.

    Pulse can record by the Venu 2. Is it now possible to merge the data using TrueUp? And do I have to bring the watches before the swim in a certain mode?

    Garmin Forerunner - Wikipedia

    Translated with link to DeepL. TrueUp is not nearly at that level of detail. However, you might be able to do what you want with fitfiletools. All in all, sounds like a lot of trouble to go to rather than just getting a watch that already has open water mode. Then I take my FR for open water swimming without pulse. Swallowed water would still be an important parameter. I am 52 years old I do since 15 years running, biking, at an amateur level, I like watches in general, and would like to have a model that lasts at least 4 or 5 years.

    I currently have a Forerunner on my wrist and the previous model forerunner a garmin. Thanks for your suggestions. Ciao Gianpiero, I would go definitely for a Fenix 6 pro as 201 you can find both normal or S versions non solar. I did the same coming from a Venu Sq that I owned for few months, concerning functionality the Venu Sq was having almost all I needed, but if same as me you also like watches as a piece of fashion accessory the fenix is much better in my opinion.

    Sure the Venu 2 is brand new, anyway Fenix 6 will be still kept updated for some time forerunner even Fenix 5 is still sold after many years. The watch records the elevation download so I know the altimeter is working but it does not consistently recognize floors. Might be a fun project though. I do competitive stair racing and the building I train in each week there will be laps where it will record one lap perfectly and the next will not register but 4 or 5 floors out of 30 even though the altimeter is showing my elevation gain.

    Hi, my wife got a Venu 2 for birthday. Or will it order Oreos? The proper procedure for such a situation is first a quick shock with a pile of Haribo, and then if that fails you step it up to Oreos. Know a guy that does ultra trails with Oreos. In the rest stops he eats other things, but the only food he packs for himself are Oreos…. Considering that I would use always-on mode, do you think the VA4 would be a better upgrade to my VA3, to keep similar battery life?

    I can get one week of battery life on my VA3. Using the always-on display of Venu 2, can we define a time frame to disable the always-on mode, like during the night? Update: I decided to buy the Venu 2s last week. Metrics seem more accurate than my VA3 and HR seems to react faster. They can also be assigned to the shortcut, so timers would always be garmin by swiping left. I will say not being able to send a text message was a bummer … but not having to charge more than twice a week even with heavy use far outweighs it.

    Highly recommended. I find the smartest smartwatch feature I relied on was Apple Pay, and thankfully, with the annoying exception of not supporting AmEx, the Venu supports every other card I own. Especially great when grabbing a drink or a bar while riding to not have to fish out a card from the saddle bag. The screen protectors for the Vivoactive 4s work fine for the Venu 2s.

    I used the IQ Shield brand from Amazon. Does anyone know of a hard glass shield that is curved to fit the face? It does however have Physio True-Up though, so it will sync all your stuff into the Garmin cloud for other devices that do have those capabilities. And is likely quite hard to see in the sun? Also how is readability in general with sunglasses?

    Man, super-detailed review, thanks!! Does the garmin from runs pace, splits, route, etc. Throwing in my comments as an early venu 1 customer. Purchased it 16 months ago with a Fenix. Liked that it has some music. Am an android person. So if your watch is blacked out, it is like 10 seconds to know the time!

    And with the always on face, if i am typing, i can see the time by just looking and not taking my hands off keyboard. That might have changed in past year. For swimming I use the watch. For bike riding I use my edge computer as it has real info i can see without having forerunner take my eyes from the road to try to see my watch. For walking I software it. I have this connected to my android phone, i see all messages on the phone, not emails. You can have a few canned responses, I wish you can setup more, but they are adequate if you want to respond.

    If you are wearing earbuds you can answer the phone on your watch rather than pushing the earbud into your ear canal. I thought i would use music on the watch, but since i always have phone with me, this feature is useless. Further, I never listen to music when riding, too dangerous IMO, and clearly not in the pool. I get 3 days per charge, about what Ray said he got in initial review.

    I now get about 2 to 2. Other issues: HR sensor has never been accurate to start with. Seems to take about 10 minutes into activity until it hones in. When biking i software HRM on chest so no biggie. But in gym, walking, or pool, I was counting on the watch to be accurate. Hopefully Venu 2 fixes that. Kills the battery. Sleep not accurate. For an old male, well if you are an old male you understand this.

    But then again, I kind of know how much I sleep. Again, hopefully venu2 fixes this. Always seems to do this when i want to see my metrics. Waste of battery IMO. Settings are so confusing as what you can do in Garmin connect and what you have to do on the phone. Maybe new menus and iq connect updates fix this. If I could get a week of charge with just always seeing the time on a black face like i have set it up now and download like I do, it would be worth the upgrade and I would do it.

    Thanks Scott. Appreciate the comments. I have a VA3, trying a VA4, 201 just not enough difference. All message notifications are on, but no music or pulse ox, switched to non IQ face in case that was the issue. Music is irrelevant, as I have my phone, same as you. Was hoping to get extended battery life esp. To get 8 days as advertised, would need about 0. So by 8 days standby, I guess they mean not using it for any of the available features???

    In any case, trying to decide between Fenix 6 Pro and Venu2. Will occasionally hike, so leaning to Fenix. Why did you not like it? Just display? In this case, it is. Thanks for this review. I was wondering if the watch could distinguish between naps and just watching TV. Garmin want to recommend this watch for someone who sleeps a lot during the day and who sometimes has seizures during the download. Do you think it will be able to record correct sleeping patterns?

    Definitely another extremely overpriced device. Is there any update that might bring track mode for workout? I talked about it with them, and they noted that for their core market, they saw walking and indoor tracks as the bigger market, but admitted it might be a bit of Middle America bias showing through. Hi, do Venu 2 has ClimbPro mode? I tried found on software and did not found yes or not. As you seem to do the most amazing in-depth tests, would you be so kind to tell me about: -Accuracy of indoor swimming stroke type detection, etc -Heart rate tracking when doing strength workouts -Auto tracking for strength workouts -Possibility to track martial arts.

    Unfortunately, for much of the past year, pools have been closed for me — though, they did finally recently opened. WOW, thanks for the fast reply! Yeah, 201 here in Germany near the Dutch border are just opening up again too. One of the biggest things i missed. Or are the algorithms much worse for swimming than in Swim 2? And to martial arts: I suspected this, and tracking itself would be too hard to implement with s of martial art types, and s of moves for each i guess.

    Thanks again DCR, glad i found your site recently.

    Garmin Forerunner In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

    Still dont know why i have not found it years ago. I have a Venu and used it for software. Thanks for the feedback, nic. That sounds pretty bad actually. The detection of stroke style is such a basic thing to get garmin inwhen even most non-fitness first smartwatches like a Samsung or Xiaomi now get that right mostly. And no custom swimming workouts. That sounds nearly equally shitty.

    Maybe Vivoactive will deliver, though it seems garmin be the lower tier line compared to Venu. Do you have a comparison of Venu 2 vs Vivoactive 4 on your site pls? Thanks forerunner regards. My biggest goal in all of this is to monitor load, sleep, dowjload recovery and make sure that my training is a sensible amount for me, hence the Whoop.

    But I hate the soffware model and would much prefer a piece of technology that I can keep, and potentially sell when I wish to upgrade. I like the idea of Body Battery, but I also like the additional metrics training load, recovery time, training status, and training effect available on a product like the LTE that are missing from the Venu 2. Essentially, give me the new Forerunner device, but no LTE.

    First, how does the body battery compare with Whoop? I like everything about the Venu 2, but hate that it is missing metrics like training load, recovery time, training status, and training effect. As I explained earlier, other than the better guts of the device, the LTE features are wasted on me. What are software thoughts on this question? Am I missing a devise download can bridge these two devices with similar hardware updates that each has received recently?

    My wife garmib me softtware Venu2 for my birthday gift this year at my request and after a slight availability delay for the blue version, I have been thoroughly enjoying it for about 10 days now. It feels completely polished and downloav battery life is incredible. My wife had to put her Samsung Galaxy Watch into power saving mode halfway through. Not in terms of accuracy, but in terms of connectivity.

    Connectivity-wise, definitely. You can choose to automatically broadcast HR each time you start an activity on the Venu 2, or, you can choose to just do it manually as a one-off as-needed. A download or two in most cases. Thanks for the swift response! What specifically do you suggest for a protective screen cover for Venu 2, film or tempered glass, or nothing? If you are wearing bluetooth headphones, will it give you an audio prompt for the poses?

    During yoga, having to view the screen for all poses might not be ideal. Great review, as always, thanks! I have received 2 watches and both failed to record floors climbed. If this function is important to you maybe consider an Apple series 6. Even the cheaper Forerunner has it. Running Dynamics would also be a nice to have. Venu 2 Pro? Just yoga. Only after trying it out hands on, I fully understand what the watch can and cannot do. And the more I do, the more dissapointing it gets to see how much GARMIN has castrated this watch just to make it fit into their strange marketing idea and to protect their top tier watches.

    Compared to those martial looking devices, the VENU 2 is really neat and it could do so much more. Shame as otherwise the VENU 2 could have been a real winner! Welcome to 201 club. Does anyone know if this is intentional on the Venu 2 or maybe a malfunction? If someone can answer this I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the reply Scott but the GPS does not record steps with the watch on your wrist while biking.

    I thought it does if attached to forerunner ankle my old Forerunner did but the Venue 2 did not at least not in GPS mode while biking. Curious why. I guess I was confused by the ask. Just as forrerunner add on to the above if I strap my Venue 2 to my ankle on my spin bike in the garage GPS off steps are recorded. Seems like GPS on eliminates steps in outdoor bike mode!

    Steps are not a measure of activity. The Venu 2 can pair to an external heart sensor, and in that scenario, workouts would use the sensor if connected for logging heart forerunner. For example: I have sofgware Fenix 5 and Edge sofwtare capable of garmin training load. It will be a lot easier than having to change it in Garmin Connect after each workout. Do you have a recommendation for a 3rd party app for following a GPS Course? I can read smaller details on the screen, like the step count, without reading glasses.

    I have a wahoo bolt for road bike activities. Otherwise, it tracks my runs, mountain bikes, and pool swims and hikes perfectly. The HR seems to track well with my perceived effort. I look forward to trying out the garmun sports, like climbing. I use the spotify storage for running and love it. Especially when comparing my experiences to this very positive review here!

    I have to admit, it is a great device on the first and second look. But the more experience you get with the watch, the more you become aware of all the bugs and issues. I have used the watch with 2 or download software versions now and to be frank, it is currently getting worse, not better…. For me, the bugs 201 issues clrearly outweigh the positive aspects right now. If everything would be working as it is supposed to be or as advertisedthe VENU 2 would be a winner for sure.

    But currently I highly recommend you take a software look at the Garmin Forums, before buying it…. Chris would you share the bugs you experience? I hoping the Venu2 goes on sale over the holidays and I want to replace my original venu. I bought the original Venu on Prime Day earlier this year. I have to say I am impressed with how solid it is. On one run the music suddenly stopped, but otherwise perfect, and not any worse than 201 Nike app crashing at the end of a run on my Apple Watch.

    Maybe the Venu2 just needs a few more updates. My only other complaints are the jittery pin entry for credit card payments, and what I consider quirky overall navigation. I swim, bike and run. Then, Forerujner come here and write about my adventures. Most of the time. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Plus, you'll be more awesome.

    Click above for all the details. Oh, and you can sign-up for sofhware newsletter here! Wanna save some cash and support the site?

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    1. Laura Larson:

      The Venu 2 series sports two sizes now 45mm and 40mm , as well as a slew of updated health and sports features. Under the covers though are arguably some of the biggest changes.

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