How to get free crowns on pirate101 no download

how to get free crowns on pirate101 no download

Pirates games are fun but you may find yourself wanting more and more crowns. Over 90, crowns altogether to finish Pirate Playing trivia pirate10 the most popular way to earn Pirate free crowns. If you still feel like it takes a lot of time to earn crowns this way, you can try the next ob, which will get you 2, at a time. This method can earn you free crowns for you and extra crowns for your friend. However, your friend need to purchase something to activate the reward.
  • Earn Crowns to Use in Pirate101!
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    how to get free crowns on pirate101 no download

    Earn Crowns Button? Author Message Serpent I'm not sure if it's really a bug but I'm nervous that might be, or worse. A few days ago I logged into the game and noticed something new, an "Earn Crowns" button right next to the "Friends" list. Naturally I checked out this new feature who wouldn't at the prospect of earning free crowns and basically what it is is you watch a short video clip and afterwards you receive 10 crowns, and this repeats over and over.

    I thought nothing of it at first but after 10 times I got suspicious of how simple, easy, and numerous it was. So I went to the website and found nothing on it, which worried me, and then asked some friends about it, whom crowsn me that they didn't have or even heard of this feature.

    Earn Crowns to Use in Pirate101!

    At this point I'm in a near panic because I heard about what happened when KI found out about websites that were giving out, for lack of a better term, illegal crowns or crown codes. If I remember correctly, those who downloaded those crowns had their accounts terminated.

    There are ways to get free crowns. There is even a link on the Wizard website for a website to take serveys and you use your wizard/pirate account to log in,you can take 10 serveys a day and for each servey you pass you get 10 crowns. But don’t worry, for we’ve put together 4 effective ways to get Pirate free crowns. Method 1: Take quizzes to earn crowns. Playing trivia is the most popular way to earn Pirate free crowns. Each trivia quiz will get you 10 crowns if you pass with a 75% or higher. Via Aug 23,  · Wizard and Pirate official fansites have also been known to get in on the free crowns action around certain events and/or holidays. Currently, Wizard Central is celebrating their 9th.

    I'm a nervous wreck that this "Earn Crowns" button is a scam and I really don't want my account terminated, which would be unfair for something that appeared while playing the game. The only crowns I ever got frde to this showing up were bought from GameStop and the only download prior to it was for an ad-blocker my computer is plagued by ads and pop-ups.

    I have never gotten any crowns that were beyond what KI permits hkw I'm worried about what this thing really is. I've gotten too far, I've worked too hard, and I love Pirate too much to be stopped now.

    Buy Crowns And Get Cool Stuff | Pirate The Pirate Game

    Please KI, put my mind at peace, is this button a legitimate feature that you've put into the game or am I being scammed by something beyond my control? Please reply as soon as possible so I can stop worrying about my pirates' welfare. Bonnie Anne. The Earn Crowns is a new feature that can be turned on or off in the Advanced Gameplay Options screen. No need to worry. Bonnie Anne on Oct 30, wrote:. Just Another Pirat This thread was the first I was aware of this new feature so I went to go check it out.

    I did run into one snag, there is a video that refuses to load. All I get is a gray screen with a spinning white circle in the center that never does anything else I have waited a good five minutes. If I hit the close button it just says I watched a few seconds but need to watch the entire video to earn crowns. Thought you might like to know there is a dud in the line up! The Helpful Pirate.

    Download the Game | Pirate

    I think that this a great ppirate101 as an easy way to earn Crowns. There are also mounts to suit any class that not only look really cool, but let your Pirate travel faster.

    how to get free crowns on pirate101 no download

    For free to play Pirates, having Crowns also opens up the whole world of Pirate to you! If you buy a chapter with Crowns, your Pirate can have access to it forever. Return back as many times as you'd like to work on side quests or hunt for elusive Boss drops with your friends. Crowns bought on either Pirate Save money by buying Crowns in bulk, and then use them in whichever fun KingsIsle game that you need! Javascript is required to view this site.

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